puppy classes

Puppy classes or “parties” as they are sometimes called, are big business these days. There is a lot of money to be made easily out of new puppy owners. However, a lot are run by ill educated teachers who actually do a lot more harm than good. A class is not good just because the teacher says it is. Any classes where pups are running free and the atmosphere is one of chaos are dangerous and detrimental to the psychological well being of your pup. Pups come up in different sizes and crucially temperaments. A timid pup can be terrified by a confident one and this can be enough to ruin them for life. Trust me I know, I see these owners all the time with young dogs traumatised in puppy class. If pups are allowed to run free, do not attend that class. Mixing should be done two at a time, on lead with the skilled teacher choosing the pairs. Classes should be calm not chaotic and should be as much about you learning to be with your pup as anything else. In this part of Devon we have several of these puppy classes and they are doing your pups no good at all. I do however recommend the good ones so anyone in this part of the world in need of a good class get in touch

Newest Dog For Rehoming

Honey is now ready to be rehomed. She is a 14 month old cross breed, full of energy, friendly and affectionate. She is good with dogs and children. She will need energetic owners but will make a wonderful family/companion dog. Training is ongoing and will need to be continued in her new home. If you feel you could offer Honey the right home please contact me via the website.Honey now looking for a home.

DDB Update

At Devon Dog Behaviour we are awaiting the completion of paperwork on our new division : Devon Dog Behaviour Rehab & Rehome. This a CIC, a Community Interest Company which is not for profit. Through this division we will continue taking in dogs at the centre who need our specialist training  and behavioural skills to enable them to find a new home. To date we have worked with and rehomed 11 dogs from the centre since June 2012. Once the new company is set up we will be in a position to take donations, fundraise and accept discount on clinical care and food for our rehabilitation dogs.