Irresponsible Owners

Yesterday I was in a local town seeing clients willing to do anything at all to ensure the welfare of their dog, when I ran into one that clearly wasnt. The owner in question had two dalmation bitches plus a male dalmation cross puppy running free. One of the bitches was clearly in season ( the puppy being the result of a previous “accident” ) Both bitches had previously been breed bitches but apparently no thought had been given to their neutering before rehoming. It was clear to me – as my client put her entire male dog quickly on the lead that another “accident ” was only a matter of time. The owner in question will not entertain the idea of neutering or apparently, normal control of a bitch in season.

As a veteran of twenty five years in dog rescue, neutering every dog I save in order to prevent more unwanted canines, I despaired at the sight. What hope do those of us who work tirelessly to rescue the thousands of unwanted dogs in this country have, if others wont even be responsible for their own dogs. To the best of my knowledge, every single rescue centre in the country has a long list of dogs of most breeds waiting to come in and sadly, many are having to be destroyed because there simply are not enough homes.

Until legislation is introduced to prevent all but the most diligent of breeders from breeding out of carelessness or purely for financial gain, the plight of our family dog will, in my view only get worse. Here ends the rant!

3 thoughts on “Irresponsible Owners

  1. It would be great if these owners had to spand a week in rescue, maybe then they could see the advantages to neutering. Please stop breeding more unwanted pets!!

    • Hi Michelle,

      Glad you like the site. You might like to look at other ‘Canine and Feline Behaviour Association’ members’ sites – members should all be providing sensible, well informed advice and opinions.


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