It Rained All Day At The Rescue Centre

Spent the afternoon itroducing Eric – the staffy cross, to Suki, the pushy collie /cross bitch – that went well, Eric was scared of her – once neutered, she will be a much nicer girl.

Next up was Breeze a flirty girly lab cross, to Alfie the Springer – He loved her but couldn t really keep up – he gave it his best shot though.

Then I moved Breeze on to Eric, happy flirting from both – Eric will need to build up his stamina to catch her. Both a bit  love struck by the end of the socialisation session.

Mixing dogs whilst they are in a rescue kennel is absolutely essential to building their skills to cope with the real world once they are homed. Like chldren, dogs are not born with social skills, we need to give them the opportunity to learn from their peers. We would not expect our 5 yr old to go to school; and behave normally around other children if they had never met any. One of our previous prime ministers had the strap line  : education, education, education – mine for dogs is socialise……..etc  – here ends then lesson – thanks for reading!

Ruth and the team

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