DDB Developments

I have been totally neglecting this blog in the last six months in favour of facebook but from now on intend to keep you posted on all news at DDB – there is quite a lot. We are about to launch a not for profit section of the company DDB Rehab and Rehome, which will provide a bespoke one to one rehabilitation and rehoming service for dogs that rescue centre cannot help. Our specialist training and skills can provide the bridge for dogs that through no fault of their own, without our help are not able to find new owners. We began this pro bono work last June and to date have successfully rehabilitated and rehomed eleven dogs. Some needed a last chance and came via vets, some just needed our rehoming skills to match them with owners and some, needed behavioural rehabilitation and training. We are working at capacity now and have decided to formalise the situation so that we can take donations, fundraise and accept help from those who wish to contribute. Our lastest dog goes home tomorrow – full story then. Here is a pic of Bruce The English Bull Terrier who after a lot of years of hardship has finally landed on his paws.

Bruce our English Bull Terrier goes home tomorrow

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